Students recycled old jars to make piggy banks for their savings. In fact, the piggy banks were not only for saving but also for planning their cash flow. They made three jars with the labels GIVE, SAVE, SPEND. This is a good way to be aware of their cash flow, budget and planning. In the jar they can save coins to become aware that by saving coins they can also make some big savings. Sometimes we leave small coins in the supermarkets feeling that they don’t have any value. This is a good way to show the opposite fact. They can also save paper money but when having three jars they can think about planning their budget. In the third jar with the sign SPEND they can make statistics about how much they spent in a year to become aware of that amount of money. Nowadays many students have too much of everything and they are not aware how they can make good decisions about spending and savings in order to become responsible with money. The jar with the sign give is to encourage students to think about giving some of their money to family budget because giving is something that is very important. When having three jars children can plan their money savings and be aware of their cash flow all the time. In this way they can learn how to make good decisions about spending money.



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