Friends are like baloons.
If you let them go, you can't get them back.

International Day of Peace

Every year on 21 September our school celebrates the International Day of Peace by releasing a reasonable number (one per class) of helium filled balloons with messages of peace and friendship. 
This year in our English class we talked about the value of peace and the importance of good relationships among people. We concluded that there are too many wars and disagreements in the world and that there is peace only somewhere on Earth. :-)
We searched the Internet for famous quotes about peace and selected the best ones. In order to share them with anyone who might be interested, we created an interactive set on Quizlet. To view it clik on 
You can also play the interactive matching game on
Fave fun and ... be in peace, not in pieces. :-)

Except messages students made 3D postcards for their new Erasmus friends.



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