Pupils prepared various works of art for this year’s Christmas charity fair. They combined their artistic creativity and entrepreneurship by making useful and decorative objects and selling them at the charity fair. The preparation, course and execution of work lasted several months.

The first products were ceramic candle holders. In art lessons they formed the candle holders from clay and it took them several weeks to dry on air. What followed was sanding and paining with ceramic colours. With the help of the art teacher Ela Vujnović the candle holders were baked in the furnace at school. After that they needed glazing and rebaking. Together with teacher Snježana Drabić they created graphics with Christmas motives. This is a very extensive job because first you need to create a matrix that will be pasted on the surface. They are then painted and printed using a printing machine. Pupils created two prints. They expressed their desire to create pictures for sale at the fair so with their teacher Slavica Pospiš they cut out the bases and prepared wonderful pictures.

Apart from that they created dish coasters from newspaper paper and painted wooden Christmas tree decorations. Parents prepared cakes which were also included in the sale. More than the earned money they were happy to know that with their work and effort they could contribute to gathering financial means which will enable our pupils to participate in various field trips.




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