Students made handmade product and souvenirs to sale them at school fair in Czech Republic. They made many bookmarks, painted coasters and Easter decorations for the fair in Czech Republic. Money that they collected went for UNICEF. While selling products on fair students negotiate about the price and learned about earning money . They could see that it is not so easy to sell products and earn money. They also had to negotiate about the price to sell more products. While selling their products they have to calculate different kind of currency because buyers wanted to buy products in Crown but also in Euro. At the begining they had to agree for the price of each product. Also they had to decide about some selling offers like three products for two euro. In this task they have realized that it is not so easy to earn money.

Also they made suvenirs for Third Transnational meeting in Rijeka. They did 3d printer tags for Erasmus teachers, ceramic presents with typical croatian coast houses and Croatian Glagolitic,  the oldest known Slavic alphabet.

In this task students learned a lot. They learned about making and promoting products, learning about croatian culture and souvenirs, learning about negotiation, differnet currencies and also to be proactive members of school and local community.



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