In 2019 our eightgraders went through three whole day workshops of financial literacy. They worked in groups of four and learnt a lot about currency, family budget, business ideas and plans, about banks, loans and other interesting facts. First all groups went through some theoretical parts. In the second part of each they the groups worked on their own and at the end they had to prepare a presentation of their work and had to be prepared for lots of questions and discussion. We cooperated with a proffesional team from The Financial Literacy for school – a company that was established in 2012 and that is one of yourchance NGO projects and helps to create financially literate pupils, teachers and schools. This company systematically and individually develops teachers knowledge and skills in this topic and helps methodically to implement the principles of financial literacy in school subjects like Maths, Art, ICT and others. Financial literacy is a very important part of everyone´s life. By engaging in this field, we can influence an important social theme – the life and prosperity of indivituals and the society as a whole.



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