In May 2018 and 2019, a big group of our school students with our teacher Ondrej Dostal participated in the traditional event - Cleaning of the Bystřice River. Our river is fifty four kilometres long and the water flows to the Morava and then to the Donau River and then to the Black sea. Children with our teacher, parents, volunteers and city hall staff set off on two predetermined routes. With gloves on their hands and plastic bags, the children set out along the river bed and along the shore.

As usual, a lot of garbage was gathered to the plastic bags and then carried away by a tractor. Two big groups were working for more than four hours and at noon they met in the centre of our town, near a bridge. The event was over and the gatherers were rewarded for their work. Then they left home with a sense of well-done work and the knowledge that they contributed a great deal to the better look of our town. And perhaps it will be a lesson to them that garbage does not fall to the ground or rivers, but to garbage cans.



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