Istituto Comprensivo Carducci Paolillo in Cerignola in Italy hosted international team of students and teachers from five partner schools from 9 to 13 of April 2018. This was the first short-term exchange of group of students in the Erasmus+ Young Entrepreneurs in Action project. Students and teachers from five guest shools and host school had five days of learning, teaching and training acitivities at partner school Istituto Comprensivo Carducci Paolillo in Italy.

On the first day, all guests met the host school, headmaster and school administration, Erasmus + team of teachers and students in school Istituto Comprensivo Carducci Paolillo teachers and students from other partner schools. The pupils of the host school presented a welcome program with few traditional dances and songs. The most important part was presenting the school orchestra and attending to their concert. Istituto Comprensivo Carducci Paolillo is known for music education. Almost all students play at least one of the musical instruments. The school often organizes and participates in various concerts. All participants during this meeting attended to various music workshops and learned about entrepreneurship in the art.

The host prepared activities to meet and icebreaking, the development of communication, cooperation and friendship. Students from all the six partner schools presented their school as well as their town, region and country through video or presentation. Students from all six partners schools prepared and presented video and presentations about the Erasmus+ Young Entrepreneurs in Action project activities in their schools.

Domestic school prepared a fair to present and share students products and services. Students shared their own products and explained how they developed idea and bussines plan, produced them, organize advertising etc.

During the five-day activities guests learned about the history, the tradition of the region Puglia, natural and cultural attractions. International Erasmus+ team visited City Hall, Museo grain, Pro Loco, Torre Alemanna, Museum of the sweet Mucci, Castel del Monte, royal palace in Caserta and Alberobello.

The hosts organized activities for guests to learn to use the clay, to create crafts and developed skills and competencies for the future jobs and business. All participants learned how to produce taralli, traditional Puglia products. Participants took part in the ice cream workshop, Percussion workshop and  chocolate workshop.

Through the use of the methodology of the "six thinking hats" students become able to open their minds and predict the risks and improve music performance. With music developed sense of rhythm and enjoy to create sounds and melodies. We organized the intrenatioanl a choir to sing with the orchestra of host school. Also in this case the added value is the development of creativity and the ability to acquire skills to be spent in the workforce. The project meeting also enter an intellectual output of musical writing, in this way during the exchange with a short-term we used a musical notation program. The participants learned about enterpreneurship in culture and art.

The students wrote down in their project notebooks all the interesting things they learned, saw and made in order to prepare the impressions of this mobility, to disseminate these project activities in their schools. Finally, all participants received their mobility certificates.






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