The comprehensive school "Carducci-Paolillo" was founded in the school year 2015-2016, following a merger of complexes including kindergarten, with the spring section, primary school, secondary school level for a total of 1359 students. Pooling experiences and work in synergy proved complex initially for the teachers of the various complexes. The Comprehensive School welcomes pupils aged between 2 and 14 years. It includes fact, a kindergarten (11 sections), a primary school (33 classes) and a junior high school (17 classes) and the eventual activation of a Spring Section. Altogether 1311 pupils are enrolled of which 50 are "foreign" (mostly from Eastern Europe, but also extra-Community), 67 disabled, DSA 16 and about 130 BES. A consumer varied, thus corresponding to a school that welcomes and values ​​all kinds of "differences" and seeks daily and often painfully, to realize the full inclusion of all pupils. The school, in recent decades, has significant experience educational, educational, professional and developed a culture of change; this made it possible to pursue quality of service objectives and achieve significant goals. This tradition, established over time, forms the plot of the peculiar history of our Institute and to be detectable in the processed program documents and circulated in hard copy or electronic format on which we promoted the consensus among the various stakeholders of the school, first the families of children . These documents contain the fundamental principles underpinning the formative action of the school, the lines of our cultural identity, and organizational design. Our school autonomy regime manages to create interactive and productive relationships with individuals, organizations, associations, external educational agencies creating additional teaching spaces and organizational flexibility, the enriching the curriculum and the training. About Us: complexes, offices, resources The Comprehensive Institute consists of two plexuses of Nursery School, two Primary School and one of School of First Instance. Of the two buildings of kindergarten one is dedicated to "R. Rinaldi" site "Via Brenta" (section 6), the other is dedicated to Iqbal Masih in "Via XXV Aprile" (5 sections). The headquarters of primary school is located in via Egmont n ° 1, it is located in the center and consists of a structure whose construction dates back to 1906. At the same is connected and adjacent to a building, "Tommaso Russo", built more recently. Overall, the headquarters houses 23 classes. In the complex of primary school, located in the local dell'I.T.I.S., There are ten classes who benefit from the gym and computer lab of the same I.T.I.S .. The secondary school level "Paolillo" is specializing in music with twice over. And 'it situated in a suburban area of ​​the country, in the Sanctuary M.SS. Ripalta; the catchment area is varied and consists of 20 classes. The Institute has revamped the aesthetics of today's environments. They study three foreign languages ​​(French-English- Spanish), in the laboratories present. The school management and the offices of the executive management are located in the plexus Carducci, where lies a teaching museum for the conservation and enhancement of cultural and educational traditions. It was established in the school year 1996 / '97 the project "The school adopts a monument." An analysis of needs has highlighted the need to promote actions consistent with the specific needs of the pupils from the respective gender diversity and with existing resources inside and outside the school, favoring a reinforcement learning and attractive in order to ensure the guidance and educational value of the interventions and their actual impact on the curriculum. From this comes the need to place and program within the academic and Erasmus projects eTwinning projects that allow to open those knowledge and assets already widely present nell'extrascolastico that have the quality to attract the interest and activate ' commitment of pupils to delving.

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