Masarykova zakladni skola a materska skola Velka Bystrice is a primary school for pupils aged from 6 to 15. The school provides basic levels of education (ISCED level 1 and 2) in a 9-year curriculum. The school is mid-sized with 390 pupils, 23 teachers and 9 other staff. The school is located in the centre of a small town of Velka Bystrice. About 70 % of pupils are local from the town and 30 % of pupils commute to school daily from surrounding villages. The school is located in a rural/suburban area only 10 km from the city of Olomouc in Eastern Moravia. Most of the parents work in industrial factories, in trade and in agriculture. The school is a state school that contributes to the education system in Olomouc region and provides the necessary support to students by organizing additional tutorials for the best of them and for students with learning difficulties or special needs. We are highly focused in language and communication skills development - including mother tongue, English, German and Russian. The school is well equipped with new technologies and we are currently looking to develop some cross curricular activities, such as media literacy education, information literacy education, personal development, entrepreneurship education or character education. The school offers various extracurricular activities. The example of these activities are folk and modern dances, art and crafts, environmental and outdoor education, language classes, math and logic classes, science for young children and many various sport activities. Velka Bystrice School is a school focused on healthy life style and sports with great sporting facilities. The school has been very active in local and international partnerships with education institutions in recent years. The school is also a very important institution in local community life - we organize or take part in many local activities for citizens.

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