The first transnational meeting was held at the 1st Primary School Čakovec in Croatia from 13 to 15 of December 2017. At this meeting the active participants were coordinators from all partners schools, accompanying teachers and headmasters form each partner school.

The meeting was a face-to-face opportunity to meet all the coordinators of the partner schools and some teachers, memebers of the international Erasmus+ Young Entrepreneurs in Action team. The main purpose of the meeting were to introduce the team members, team building and the development of good and successful cooperation and communication between partners schools.

Each coordinator prepared the material through which all the details about the partner school, city, region and country of origin were presented. All participants got acquainted with the customs, culture and traditions of each country in order to better and more successfully prepare teachers, parents and students for mobility in these countries.

Also, at the meeting coodrinators from each school developed a detailed plan of activities, methods of monitoring activities, evaluation and reporting partners of the activities carried out. Each activity were discussed in detail and we were jointly adopt guidelines for the implementation of all project activities. We agreed on the method of conducting research on the needs, research before and after the implementation of each activity and the methods of reporting the results of research. Each partner received a detailed description of the specific tasks for which they are responsible. We agreed on the timelines for each activity, discussed and agreed about methods of disposal and management of the budget.

We arranged the means and ways of communication between the coordinators, all the teachers involved in the project in all schools, the way of communication for students involved in the project from all countries and their parents. We arranged the ways in which students were selected to participate in mobilities and the ways in which we choose families to host student. We agreed about terms and reference for students who traveled and host families.

We arranged the methods and frequency of reporting on project activities in the wider community and educational experts (articles on educational portals, professional papers in seminars and conferences). We used the technique of discussion and brainstorming respecting previous experience of each partner and to follow the examples of good practice.

During the 1st transnational meeting all guests from partners schools with their hosts, visited the mayor of Čakovec Mr. Stjepan Kovač. All together we disscused about educational systems in our countries, needs in our schools, we disscused about importance of international cooperation for the future of students, teachers and educational system in generaly. Intrenational Erasmus+ Young Entrepreneurs in Action team visited the Technological Innovation Center of Međimurje and learned how to develop bussines idea to into a successful and recognizable business. Participants have learned about traditional crafts in međimurje county as an example of good practice in a successful business idea: pottery, enology, farming of agricultural products. We visited the museum of Međimurje county, we met history, tradition of međimurje county, traditional customs, traditional crafts and way of life, traditional food and desserts. We visited the baroque town of Varaždin and capital of Croatia, Zagreb. We visited Christmas fairs and learned how to turn tradition and hobby into a successful business.



reception in school


getting to know each others


presentations of schools, cities, regions and countries


project logo contest


cooking workshop & team building


cooking workshop & team building


cooking workshop & team building


visit to Tehnološko inovacijski centar Međimurje


pottery workshop


reception in Townhall


visit to Christams market in Čakovec


visit to Varaždin


visit to Christams market in Zagreb



visit to museum


workshop with students


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