The second transnational meeting was held at the begining of September 2018 at partner school Akçansa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Ortaokulu in Istanbul, Turkey. At this meeting attended coordinators of each school and one ot two members of the project team in each school. The host school is the expert in the use of ICT in education. For all the participants at the transnational meeting hosts prepared a series of workshops on the use of new tools in project activities to work with students and in particular it is important to hold a workshop for coordinators and teachers about making online courses, electronic books, drafting and preparing publications for printing: designing magazine and catalog of project activities.

The coordinators from each school presented all implemented project activities, research results, realized dissemination, collaborations with the local community and partners who contribute to the project and are not direct beneficiaries. We presented campaigns implemented at each school, cooperation with parents, cooperation between teachers, cooperation between students, ways of supporting students with disabilities.

At the meeting all project activities that took place during the first year of the project were discussed in detail and all together we made a detailed plan for the implementation of activities in the second year of the project. We discussed about all the problems, difficulties, challenges and risks in the project, with particular emphasis on the budget.

All guest teachers met the school Erasmus team and all together they participated to the Laughing yoga workshop. This was team building activity but also the example of good practice how to develop bussines idea. The workshop leader is a very successful and well-known female entrepreneur. Her success story is very inspiring and motivating for all generation and especially for girls and women.

The international Erasmus team visited the Büyükçekmece Art Center. We learned the Ebru - traditional way of painting silk scarves. We all actively participated in the workshop. We learned how to make scarves with this special technique. We learned how to combine tradition and a successful business.

During the 2nd transnational meeting in Istanbul, all participants visited the Büyükçekmece town hall and presented their schools, cities, regions and countries. All together with the mayor we disscused about the Young Entrepreneurs in Action project, project activities and resulst, we disscused about importance and benefits of intrenational cooperation between schools.

During the meeting all Erasmus team members visited the historical Peninsula: Hagia Sofia, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Eminönü and Egyptian Bazaar. This was a unique opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and its development through the human history. This was a unique opportunity to learn about rich Turkish history, culture and tradition.



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